Fiber Chip Sealer

Combined with the present highway conditions, fiber chip sealer is developed based on the construction engineering experience and equipment manufacturing experience of many years. This hi-tech equipment is able to combine the systems of asphalt binder spray, fiber spray and aggregates spreading into one entire process.

The synchronous fiber chip seal technology is a new road construction and maintenance technology. The fiber are cut and crushed with exclusive process and spread evenly in different directions and overlapped with each other between the two even layers of asphalt binders, which knits mesh structure to stick to the asphalt binders. This structure effectively improves the comprehensive mechanical properties of sealing coat in tensile, shear, crush resistance and shock resistance. The principle is just like that a piece of protective mesh of high elasticity and high strength is paved between the surface coat (1-coat asphalt+1-coat fiber+1-coat asphalt+1-coat aggregates) and new roadbed, or on the original road surface.

Fiber chip sealer is a device specialized in realizing the largest viscosity of asphalt binder, fiber glass and aggregates through the fullest surface contact among them while spreading them synchronously. During the construction of fiber chip sealing coat, this sealer is used to improve the tensile strength, shear-resisting strength, compression-resisting strength and shock-absorption strength, etc. effectively through the uniform and disorder distribution, mutual lapping of asphalt binder evenly spreading on upper and lower coats of crushed and cut fibers by adopting a special process and net winding structures with asphalt binder, and attach a coat of high-elasticity and high-strength protective mat between the bed coat and top coat of newly-built road or on the foundation of original road. It's especially applicable for the construction of old asphalt road or newly-built road bed, top coat stress-absorbing interlayer and original old asphalt road wear-resisting coat, protect the construction and maintenance of new and old asphalt roads effectively, and extend their maintenance periods and service life span.

Fiber chip sealer is improved based on synchronous fiber chip sealer and to apply asphalt, fiber and aggregates synchronously. With optimized mechanical design and humanized operation design, it is stable and reliable in road construction and maintenance.

Technical Specifications 

Product Model


Chassis Model

Semi-trailer (with traction pin: 50# /90#)

Chassis Power

Recommended Tractor: ≥276 kW

Auxiliary Engine

70 kW

Working Width

3500 mm

Asphalt Spray Volume

0.5-3.0 kg/m2

Aggregate Size

3-25 mm

Fiber Length

30, 60, 120 mm

Fiber Spray Volume

30-90 g/m2

Asphalt Tank Capacity

8000 L

Aggregate Hopper Capacity

12 m3

Working Speed

3-5 km/h

Curb Weight

17500 kg


12150×2500×4000 mm



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